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[Quote] Two types of Jihad in Ramadan

The great Imam, al-Hafidh Ibn Rajab (رحمه الله) said:

Know that there are for the believer in the month of Ramadan two types of Jihad (striving, performing great efforts) which come together:

  • A Jihad at daytime by way of fasting. 

  • And a Jihad at night by way of standing in prayer.

Thus the one who gathers between these two types of Jihad, fulfills what they require and is patient upon them will receive his reward in full without reckoning. 

[Lataaif-ul-Ma'arif, page 171]

Translated by 'Abdurrahīm Ibn Muhammad Al-Hadhramī.

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قال الحافظ ابنُ رجَب رحمه الله

«اعلَمْ أنَّ المؤمنَ يجتَمعُ له في شَهر رمضَان جهادَان لنَفْسِه

▪ جهادٌ بالنَّهار على الصِّيام
▪وجهادٌ باللَّيل على القِيام؛

فمَن جمعَ بينَ هذَيْن الجهادَيْن، ووَفَّى بحُقُوقهما، وصَبَر عليهما، وفَّى أجرَه بغَير حسَابٍ» 

لطائف المعارف ص:171

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