Friday, 6 September 2013

Until he is asked about  four things 

The Judge, Abu Bakr Ahmad bin Al-Hasan bin Ahmad Al-Hirshee reported to us
in Naisapur, saying: Abul-'Abbaas Muhammad bin Ya'qoob Al-Asam narrated to us,
saying: Muhammad bin Ishaaq As-Saghaanee narrated to us, saying: Al-Aswad bin
'Aamir informed us, saying: Abu Bakr bin 'Ayyaash reported to us from Al-A'mash
from Sa'eed bin 'Abdillaah that Abu Barzah Al-Aslamee said: Allaah's Messenger

"The two feet of the servant will not cease (from standing before Allaah) on the 
Day of Judgment until he is asked about four things: On his life and how he 
spent it; On his knowledge and what he did for it; On his wealth and where he 
earned it and how he spent it; And on his body and in what way he utilized it."

(Its chain of narration is authentic. It was reported by Ad-Daarimee and At-Tirmidhee, 
who said it was a "hasan saheeh hadeeth.")

Transcribed from: Iqtidaa-ul-‘Ilm al-‘Amal (Knowledge Mandates Action)

by Imaam Abu Bakr Ahmad bin ‘Alee Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee (raheemahuallaah)

Transcribed by Eesa ibn Roy