Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Shaykh Muhammad Ras'laan said in his book Aa'dab Ta'ib bul - Ilm (The Manner Of the Knowledge Seeker) concerning knowledge and Actions:

Knowledge comes first - as it is the foundation and condition - and actions follow it, since it is the fruit that branches from knowledge. This is because every action - that is, every intentional movement and motion - does not occur without three things: knowledge, will, and ability. Nobody does something without knowing of it. So, he must have knowledge. Likewise, nobody does something without having the will to do it. So, one must have the will to do something, and the meaning of will (iradah) is that the heart reaches out to what it sees as being in accordance with what it seeks.

(The Manner Of the Knowledge Seeker, page 6)

Transcribed by Eesa ibn Roy