Wednesday, 14 June 2017

[Quote] Not ready to die but Not ready to be righteous

Bilaal ibn Sa’d [1] may Allah have mercy upon him said:

Slaves of the Most Merciful, it is said to one of us…

Would you like to die?’

So he responds: “No!”

It is said to him: “Why not?”

He responds: “Not until I do some good deeds.”

It is said to him: “Do good deeds”.

He responds: “I will do good deeds later”.

Therefore he doesn’t want to die nor does he want to do good deeds. And
the most beloved thing to him is for Allah’s action (taking his soul) to be
delayed, while he doesn’t love that Allah delays giving him his good
portion of the worldly life.

حلية األولياء وطبقات األصفياء

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes ibn Estes Barbee


[1] Bilaal ibn Sa’d may Allah have mercy upon him was an Imam from the second generation of Muslims. His father
was a companion. 

Source: MTWS

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